Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ethiopia arrests four opposition leaders suspected to provoke uprising in 1215 election

Ethiopia arrests oppositions leaders  suspected to provoke people uprising in the coming election of 2015 - Habtamu Ayalew & Daniel Shibeshi from oppostion Andinet Party and  Yeshiwas Assefa  from Semayawi Party and Abraha DestaMekelle Arena Opposition Party in Mekelle, Tigrai region.
The Ethiopian regime has been arresting oppositions since it came to power 1991. The west just kept silence supporting such impunity with indifference. Many have been taken from their residence and no one knows where they are taken. In Addis Ababa, killing and arrest is a daily phenomenon the last 2 and have decades. The country the jailhouse of free media. 90 % of the population do eat two meal a day. Ethiopians are dying in their way to exile in Yemen, Sinai peninsula and Mediterranean Sea . No one accept them as refugee anywhere as the regime is considered as  "democratic" in the eyes of the western powers.

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