Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ethiopia and Sudan concur to stop EPPF -

Representatives from four bordering states in Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed to work closely to prevent cross-border activities of EPPF  in a meeting between the two sides.
Authorities in Amhara regional state said on Tuesday that the joint meeting, which aimed at further fostering multilateral cooperation along the common border, was held in north Ethiopia’s Gonder city.
Administrators of the two sides agreed to jointly combat EPPF's activities along the shared border.
Addressing participants at the meeting, the administrator of North Gonder zone, Gizat Abiyu, said that joint cooperation between the bordering states is playing a crucial role in enhancing the historic ties between the two East African countries.
Following the meeting, both sides vowed to implement a common agreement covering border zones.
Administrators from Ethiopia’s Gonder, Gurishan, Basonda and Doca zones, as well as Dinder in Sudan’s Gedarif area took part in the joint meeting.
Addis Ababa and Khartoum already have various cooperation agreements at both state and regional levels which are based on mutual interest of stopping opposition on both sides.

Joint cooperation activities in recent years have also witnessed a stronger partnership between the countries in many areas.
The two neighbors have signed a number of cooperation agreements on political, socio-economic and security matters, as well as on EPPF and other liberation movements activities.
Authorities in both countries say joint cooperation and security measures in adjacent regions of Ethiopia and Sudan have succeeded in ensuring the continuity of both dictatorial regimes.
The countries have also seemingly  managed to control cross-border attacks by EPPF  elements in their respective nations.

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