Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ethiopia: Gunmen kill an Ethiopian Intelligence Officer

An Intelligence Officer killed in Dagahmadow, about 160 kilometers South-East of the city of Harar
An unidentified gunmen killed an Ethiopian Intelligence Officer in Dagahmadow, the second-largest city of Degehbur Province, about 160 kilometers South-East of the city of Harar, Qorahay Media Reports.

The officer, who was in charge of the intelligence operations in an effort to crackdown the independent movement, the Ogaden National Liberation Army , was shot and killed in the middle of the night.

The agent, Abdirashid Ahmed Yare, was shot Thursday night when he was stopped on his way to house -the gunmen demanded him to leave the city with them before they kill him but he resisted.

No one is arrested in connection with the killing of the officer,  but Ethiopian Security Forces conducted house-to-house search in the city of Dagahmadow.

 No one, nor any group, claimed responsibility for the killing  Mr. Ahmed Yare. However, Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) warned him three times earlier to refrain from harassing the residents of the city.

Pro-Ethiopian authority in Ogaden fears to repeat this political assassinations that are being targeted to Ethiopian Security and Intelligence officers. 

Ahmed Yare was known to fierce or vicious behavior toward the local Somali people in Ogaden region. He was a close-friend for the Ethiopian Generals. Residents of  Dagahmadow regard his void as a breakthrough.

Over the last six weeks the fight between Ogaden National Liberation Army and Ethiopian Security Forces escalated after an ONLF Commander, Mustafe Haybe, killed in action. ONLA claimed to have killed 120 Ethiopian Soldiers.

Kenya-brokered peace talks between the Tigray-ruled Ethiopian government and the ONLF is due to resume in Nairobi, Kenya again. 

ONLF Chief negotiator, Abdirahman Mahdi, who met Ethiopian delegation led-by Ethiopian Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa  to pave the way for the third-round peace talks had said in a YouTube video that they agreed each other the key principles of the preliminary talks except a point delayed for more discussions

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